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Flat Coated RetrieverMembership information

MVRTC has many members, including field trialers (a large proportion of whom qualify regularly for the two Nationals), Hunt Test enthusiasts (including a large proportion whose dogs have completed the Master title), WC/I/X enthusiasts who also run Junior and Senior in the Hunt Tests, and beginners who are hoping soon to run WC and/or Junior Hunter tests.

Our members train all types of retrievers - the 6 retrievers (Chesapeake, Labrador, Flat Coated, Curly Coated, Golden and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling), Poodles, and Irish Water Spaniels.

MVRTC is exceptionally successful at involving all members appropriately and enjoyably and we aim to improve this process.

Membership in the club shall be open to any person who:

  1. Subscribes to the objectives of the club.
  2. Is in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club.
  3. Pays the annual dues of the club.
  4. Is approved for membership by the Directors of the club.

Membership dues are $25 for a single and $30 for a family.

Contact Alana Cholewa, the Membership Secretary, for further information.

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