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CKC Hunt Test guide

This information is to be used as a GUIDE ONLY. Consult a current rule book for detailed requirements. More detailed information is also available on Hunt Test rules and regulations at

Tests JH SH MH
To line on lead Yes No No
Steady Lightly held Yes Yes
Honour working dog, off-lead No Yes Yes
Touch dog during test Yes, gently guide by leash No No
Recast 1, if dog w/in 15 ft of line   No
Talk while dog is working Kept to a min, on return    
Handle Yes, 1 mark Yes Yes
Cover type Light/heavy Light/heavy Med/heavy
Length land mark Not>75 yds Not>100 yds Not>100 yds
Length water mark Not>75 yds Not>100 yds Not>100 yds
Decoys Yes Yes Yes
Duck calls Yes Yes Yes
Hold firearm Yes, empty, only once Yes, empty, carry/shoulder 2 or 3 times Yes, empty, not in firing position
Walk-ups Judges choice Yes Yes
Hidden guns Yes Yes Yes
Blind retrieves No Yes Yes
Handlers/gunner Camo/dark Camo/dark Camo/dark
# tests to title 3 5, 4 if have JH 6, 5 if have SH
Min. # test/title 4 single marks: 2 on land, 2 on water 1 land blind, 1 water blind 1 double land marks, 1 double water marks, 1 upland hunting test. At least one of these situations should include a walk-up. Multiple land marks, multiple water marks, an upland hunting test, a land blind(s) and a water blind(s). There shall be at least 3 series. Diversion birds and/or diversion shots must be used at least once.
Retrieve to hand Yes Yes Yes


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