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Chocolates Club training rules

Protocol for Training on Christie Conservation Property

Check out training areas (pdf: 3,340 KB)

First and foremost, please remember that the east fields of Christie Conservation Area are leased in a partnership with Mr. K. Hanes. It is expected that a cash crop of hay will be harvested twice yearly from said fields. To that end there will be certain times of the year when training will be curtailed (while the crop is being established and before harvesting). It should be obvious when the fields should not be used, but if you are uncertain check first.

1. Vehicles should never be driven on a crop field. Vehicles should be driven and parked only on private roads or designated parking areas, not on the grass.

2. The “Club key” is not to be duplicated. Only club members are allowed on club property. (Failure to adhere to this rule negates our insurance and license agreement.)

3. The entrance is never to be left open. Unlock chains only long enough to allow access of immediate vehicles then promptly secure entrance.

4. Carry your park pass along with your current membership card whenever training on park property.

5. Obey all municipal regulations and noise by-laws. (Hamilton Wentworth noise by-laws exclude noise (whistles) from 11 pm to 7 am but use a little common sense i.e. no Sunday 8 am training sessions even though that is when the park opens.) Shooting noise is no longer permitted on our training grounds.

6. Read our “Neighbors Letter” carefully. Remember you are an ambassador for the club and the sport. Conduct yourself accordingly and use discretion at all times, interested observers if encountered should be treated with respect and courtesy. Direct any complaints to the club President.

7. As with all our other training areas, leave the area in the same or better condition than you found it. (i.e. don’t just not litter; as the opportunity presents itself clean up).

8. Pruning or clearing of training areas should not be done without prior permission from park authorities.

9. The dogs must be on leash between parking areas and training areas. Dogs may only be off leash when in training areas as outlined in the attached maps.

10. Training birds may be used discretely in public areas and if approached by the public and questioned as to the use of birds, please politely inform the questioner that these are farm raised birds and are purchased and euthenised as humanely as possible. The use of guns and birds is not permitted at the Causeway at any time.

11. Anyone wishing to hold paid training classes on land leased by MVRTC, must apply to the club executive to ensure there is appropriate insurance coverage for all participants involved in the classes.

12: No wild game birds harvested during the legal hunting season (water fowl or pheasant) are allowed to be used for training. It is illegal.

If you have any questions pertaining to the clubs training rules please contact any of the executive and we will try to help you out in any way possible.

Please treat the training grounds and the fellow members as well as the public, with respect and dignity so we may continue to share the same area for many years to come. MVRTC .

Any deviations from the above training rules will result in disciplinary action’s consisting of a written warning followed by the loss of training privileges and expulsion from the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club forfeiting any key deposit and club membership dues paid up to this time.

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